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Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms)

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  • Ignite your palate with the fiery allure of our Red Chilli Pachadi. Sourced from the finest local farms, these sun-dried red chillies are skillfully blended to produce a powder that exudes both heat and a deep, robust flavor. A pinch is all you need to set your taste buds dancing with excitement.
Weight 250 g

Product Benefits

  • Locally Sourced: Our masala pastes are crafted from locally sourced ingredients, supporting our community while ensuring freshness and authenticity.
  • Natural Ingredients: Embrace the purity of flavors with our pastes, which are free from artificial additives. Experience the true essence of each ingredient.
  • No Preservatives Added: Enjoy the flavors of homemade masala pastes without any preservatives. Each spoonful is a direct route to the heart of Indian cooking.

Storage Instructions

  • Preserve the integrity of our masala pastes by storing them in a cool and dry environment. This ensures their flavors and aromas remain vibrant for up to 6 months from the manufacturing date. Your culinary creations deserve the best, and proper storage guarantees that every dish reflects the essence of our thoughtfully crafted pastes.

Shipping Details

Shipping Details

  • Our shipping process is designed to bring the taste of Andhra right to your doorstep, whether you’re near or far.

Domestic Shipping:

  • We collaborate with a network of reliable logistics partners to handle our domestic shipments. Depending on your postal code, your order will be fulfilled by the most efficient shipping partner in your region. Our standard domestic shipping window spans 5-7 business days. While we strive to keep things prompt, there might be occasional delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

International Shipping:

  • When it comes to sharing Andhra’s culinary treasures with the world, we exclusively entrust international shipping to DHL– our partners with a proven track record. For specific inquiries about international shipping, rates, and delivery times, please reach out to us directly at 8088965469

15 reviews for Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms)

  1. charan

    This Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms) is fire! Adds a serious kick to any meal, perfect for those who love their food spicy.

  2. kumar

    This Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms) packs a punch, but in a good way! Just a little bit adds a delicious spicy flavor to rice or veggies.

  3. pranav

    Trying new things in the kitchen, and this Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms) didn’t disappoint! Bold flavor that adds heat and depth to my curries.

  4. nithya

    This Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms) is my late-night study buddy! The spice wakes me up and adds some flavor to my instant ramen.

  5. ram

    This Red Chilli Pachadi (250gms) is my new go-to snack! Spicy and tasty, it keeps me satisfied between meals without any guilt.

  6. jaycool

    “Absolutely delicious! This Red Chilli Pachadi adds the perfect amount of spice to my meals. Love the authentic taste!”

  7. parulvachanni

    “Deliciously authentic flavor, reminds me of homemade pachadi from my childhood.”

  8. pankaj

    “As someone who loves spicy food, I can’t get enough of this Red Chilli Pachadi. It’s fiery and full of flavor!”

  9. anusha

    I’m always on the lookout for high-quality, authentic Indian ingredients, and this Red Chilli Pachadi definitely fits the bill. You can really taste the freshness of the chillies. It’s perfect for adding a touch of heat and flavor to any dish.

  10. mansimori

    This Red Chilli Pachadi is the perfect way to add a little bit of Indian flair to your cooking. It’s so versatile and can be used in so many different ways.

  11. aproova

    “I’m so glad I discovered this Red Chilli Pachadi. It’s now a staple in my kitchen. Great product!”

  12. aproova

    “I’m a huge fan of spicy condiments, and this Red Chilli Pachadi is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s flavorful and addictive!”

  13. aproova

    I’m not usually a big fan of spicy food, but this Red Chilli Pachadi is different. The heat is balanced perfectly by the other flavors. It’s really addictive!

  14. gopalkrishna

    I’m always looking for ways to boost the flavor of my food without adding unhealthy ingredients. This Red Chilli Pachadi is the perfect solution. It’s all-natural and adds a ton of flavor.

  15. tiraw28512

    This Red Chilli Pachadi is a great value for the price. The jar is a good size, and the powder is very potent. A little goes a long way.

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