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From the Dedicated hands to your Tables

Handcrafted recipes that bring the heart of Andhra to your table.

A Legacy of Flavors crafted by women together


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Legacy of flavors crafted by women together


Infused with the spirit of unity and dedication, each product reflects the taste of empowerment in every bite.

It's not just about savoring flavors, each jar represents a livelihood supported, the artisan skills, and their dreams to bring a positive impact and uplift communities by working together. We create platforms to build pathways for every woman by encouraging them to learn new skills and support their families.

Every pickle jar in your hand will help women create a bright future.

From Farm to Jar

The Pickle Jar takes pride in supporting local farmers. All our ingredients are freshly sourced, hand-picked, and of high quality, bringing goodness to every bite. We craft each of our delicious pickles, telling a story of the farmer’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to their land.

Women and Farmer Empowerment

Bringing a positive change to uplift women and farmers. Our aim is to foster opportunities that pave the way for their brighter future.   

All Natural

Filled with purity and goodness in every bite, every ingredient is free from chemicals, to ensure our products are not only delicious but also wholesome. 

Naturally Preserved

Every bite you taste is free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors to reveal the taste of natural ingredients. Oil is extracted in-house.

Made In Small Batches

We produce pickles in small batches by following traditional methods to ensure quality and taste. This helps elevate the flavors to create an explosion in your palate.

Let’s talk about

The Pickle Jar!!


At The Pickle Jar, we believe in crafting pickle masterpieces with our jar filled with fresh, finest, and superior-quality ingredients, handpicked from the most reliable source – Our Farmers.

We take utmost care by following traditional methods passed down over generations – our Amma and Ammama's handwritten recipes – and coming together to share our passion with the taste of love. The thought of pickling, several years ago, was just a dream, especially for something magical to come to life as a truly incredible masterpiece. Today, our dream has become a reality; the rest is history.

The Pickle Jar's recipes come with the finest Andhra spices, culminating in the world's most popular pickles, such as Mango Avakaya, Gongura, and many more. This isn't just a jar of pickles; it's a gastronomical gourmet experience in every bite. Taste it to experience the burst of Andhra cuisine. With a wide range of pickles, podis, pachadis, and fryums, you'll surely be taken back to Ammama's memory filled with love and nostalgia.

Be delighted to know that anything from The Pickle Jar comes without any preservatives; they are free from chemicals and artificial colors. Therefore, they require a bit of attention and care in the way you store them to preserve their freshness. We recommend refrigerating all our products to maintain their taste and flavor for as long as possible. Remember not to touch them with wet hands and always use a clean, dry spoon to serve.

It's Time For Your Indulgence To Begin.

Feast Healthy!!

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Meet the Face behind the Flavors



More than just an artisan!

Suma Vupputur’s journey began in Vijayawada and led her from being a self-taught fashion designer to a thriving woman entrepreneur with fashion brands in the upscale neighbourhood of Jayanagar, Bangalore. However, her ambitions reached beyond the realm of fashion and brought her into culinary realm.

Having graduated in 2001, Suma Vupputur always harbored a deep passion for creativity. With over 8 years of experience in fashion design, she concurrently developed an interest in the art of pickle making. It was through this exploration that she uncovered the culinary alchemy concealed within each jar — a fusion of tradition and an innovative spirit. This realization gave birth to The Pickle Jar. A core aspect of Suma’s vision revolves around empowering women and farmers.

Fueled by a strong value-driven philosophy, Suma amalgamates her mother’s cherished Andhra recipes, complemented by a robust in-house production unit in Vijayawada. This synergy sets The Pickle Jar distinctly apart.

Suma’s contemporary creativity has transmuted our products into delectable cravings, redefining the essence of pickles and elevating them into a culinary experience.

A commitment to delight your taste buds with

Authentic Andhra flavors

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