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Andhra Avakaya (250gms)


  • Our Andhra Avakaya Authentic Pickle from The Pickle Jar is a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Freshly sourced from local farmers, each ingredient is carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality with our Andhra pickles. We blend the robust tanginess of tamarind with the sweetness of jaggery, balanced perfectly by the earthy notes of fenugreek powder. Our commitment to authenticity shines through with stone-ground turmeric and Hing that add layers of depth to the Andhra pickles. The fiery kick of stone-ground Guntur Chilli powder is tamed by the use of sea salt, creating a harmonious fusion of taste in our Andhra Avakaya pickle. 
  • To maintain the purity of flavors, we use only wood-pressed oil made in-house. This traditional method preserves the essence of each ingredient, infusing the Andhra pickles with an unparalleled distinct and aromatic profile. 
Weight 250 g

Product Benefits

  • Locally Sourced: We take pride in supporting local farmers and communities, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients find their way into our Andhra Avakaya pickle.
  • Natural Ingredients: Say goodbye to artificial additives and preservatives. Our Andhra pickles are crafted with all-natural ingredients, celebrating the beauty of simplicity.
  • No Preservatives Added: Your health is our priority. We’ve left out preservatives to offer you a pickle that’s free from anything but authentic flavors.

Storage Instructions

  • Best Before 6 Months: Enjoy the pickle within 6 months from the manufacturing date to relish its optimal flavors.
  • Cool, Dry, and Hygienic: Store the pickle in a cool, dry, and hygienic place to maintain its taste and quality.
  • Refrigeration for Extended Freshness: For an even longer shelf life and to preserve its freshness, refrigeration is recommended.

34 reviews for Andhra Avakaya (250gms)

  1. Santosh

    Treat your taste buds to the exceptional Andhra Avakaya, the premium pickle variety. Get your hands on a jar of this remarkable pickle from the pickle jar.

  2. Bharathi

    Experience the authentic flavors of Andhra Avakaya, the finest pickle, at the Pickle Jar.

  3. Shankar Gopal

    This Andhra Avakaya is a revelation! The tangy mangoes perfectly balanced with the spice makes it an addictive accompaniment to every meal.

  4. Rahul R

    I’ve tried many Avakaya pickles, but this one takes the cake! The blend of flavors is incredible – sweet, sour, and spicy in all the right proportions.

  5. Rohan k

    I was a bit hesitant to try Avakaya, but this pickle changed my mind! The unique flavor profile is an exciting adventure for your taste buds.

  6. Deepika K S

    This Avakaya is dangerously delicious! A small spoonful takes me back to Andhra with its authentic taste. Just be warned, it’s hard to stop at one!

  7. tiraw28512

    I ordered the Andhra Avakaya Mango Pickle from The Pickle Jar and was really happy with the delivery. The pickle itself was also really good – spicy and full of flavor. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good mango pickle.”

  8. Ramu

    It’s very tasty

  9. Vijayraj

    I’ve tried many Avakaya pickles, but this one takes the cake! The blend of flavors is incredible – sweet, sour, and spicy in all the right proportions.

  10. Geeta Govinda

    This Avakaya tastes just like my Andhra grandma used to make! It’s fresh, flavorful, and packed with that special homemade touch.

  11. Harish hande

    If you love a bit of heat, this Avakaya is for you! The Guntur chillies pack a punch, but it’s balanced perfectly by the other ingredients.

  12. Ganesh

    The 250gm jar size is ideal for trying Avakaya or taking a taste of Andhra on the go. Plus, the packaging is secure and travel-friendly.

  13. Rutupurna D

    The hardest part about this Avakaya is deciding what to eat it with! It goes perfectly with rice, dal, or even enjoyed on its own.

  14. Sameer K

    You can tell the high-quality ingredients used in this Avakaya. The mangoes are fresh and crisp, and the spices are perfectly aromatic.

  15. Prachi P

    This Avakaya is a flavor explosion! The tanginess of the mangoes, the warmth of the spices, and a hint of sweetness come together for a party in your mouth.

  16. Pavan kumar

    I’m officially obsessed with this Avakaya! It’s replaced all my other pickles – it’s that good.

  17. Manjuprasad

    This Avakaya makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves bold and exciting flavors.

  18. Prajwal Devaraj

    I’m so happy to find a delicious and authentic Avakaya option that’s vegetarian.

  19. Achyut kittur

    This Avakaya adds a burst of flavor to any simple weeknight meal. It’s a quick and easy way to elevate your dishes.

  20. Sharan G

    Every bite of this Avakaya takes me back to my childhood visits to Andhra. It’s a taste of home.

  21. Shrusti Patil

    I can handle some spice, but this Avakaya isn’t overpoweringly hot. It has a nice warmth that builds gradually.

  22. Akhila Kulkurni

    I served this Avakaya at a recent gathering, and it was a huge hit with everyone! It’s a great conversation starter.

  23. Adarsh Kammar

    This Avakaya pairs beautifully with any South Indian dish. It’s the perfect compliment to a traditional Andhra meal.

  24. Jeet Bhadra

    This Avakaya might be slightly more expensive than other pickles, but the quality and taste are worth every rupee.

  25. Muhin Darga

    This Avakaya is so good, it’s become a staple in my household. I can’t imagine my meals without it now!

  26. nithu

    “Yummy! This Andhra Avakaya is so tasty, it makes my mouth water!”

  27. vini

    “Spicy and tangy! Perfect for adding some zing to my meals.”

  28. nimith

    “Homemade goodness! Tastes just like my grandma’s recipe.”

  29. maya

    “I can’t get enough of this Andhra Avakaya. It’s become a pantry essential!”

  30. minal

    “Even if you’re not a pickle fan, give this a try. It might just change your mind!”

  31. chandrakiran

    “Exciting flavors! Makes my meals more interesting.”

  32. jay

    “Brings back memories of home. Feels like a warm hug in every bite.”

  33. mithali

    “You can taste the freshness in every spoonful. Quality ingredients make all the difference.”

  34. gagan

    “A guilt-free treat! Healthy and delicious.”

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